OSN1500B Gold Line

OSN1500B Gold Line OSN1500B Glod Line Configuration Including:.OSN1500B Glod Line Configuration Including:

OSN1500B Subrack, with 1+1 PIU, 1PCS AUX. OSN1500B Subrack, with 1+1 PIU, 1PCS AUX

2 PCS Q2CXL16 Equipped, Support Cross-Connect and Main Control 1+1 Redundancy, and Provide 2*STM-16 Optical Interface, Transmission Distance 15KM.
1 PCS EFS0+ETF8 Equipped, Support 8*FE Electrical Interface.

1 PCS SLQ4A(S-4.1) Equipped, Support 4*STM4 Optical Interface, transmission distance 15KM.

1 PCS R1SLQ1(S-1.1) Equipped at half slot, Support 4*STM1 Optical Interface, transmission distance 15KM.

1 PCS R2PD1A+D75S Equipped at half slot, Support 32*E1 75ohm Service Access.
Cross-Connect Capacity is 20G/High order, 20G/Low order.
System Software Loaded by default, Version Available at V1R8 or V1R10.
SFP Module for Optical Interface can be Swappable to Support Longer Transmission Distance.
E1 Cable for R2PD1 is not included.

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