SSQ5CXLL4(L-4.2) Huawei OSN1500 OSN2500 SCC unit, Cross-Connect unit, Timing unit, and STM-4 622M line unit integrated board SSQ5CXLL412 equipped with 1 L-4.2 80km SFP module.Huawei OSN1500 OSN2500 SCC unit, Cross-Connect unit, Timing unit, and STM-4 622M line unit integrated board SSQ5CXLL412 equipped with 1 L-4.2 80km SFP module
SSQ5CXLL4 can configure STM-4 SFP module.. SSQ5CXLL4 can configure STM-4 SFP module.
Higher order cross-connect capacity: 60 Gbit/s
Lower order cross-connect capacity: 20 Gbit/s
Access capacity: 22.5Gbit/s.
Supports the detection and query of the information about the optical module, ALS function.    
Supports the pluggable optical modules, facilitating the maintenance and upgrade of the optical modules.
Supports the transparent transmission and termination of the path overheads.
Supports the setting and query of the J0, J1, J2, and C2 bytes.
Supports one channel of ECC communication.
Supports the in-service loading of the FPGA.
Supports various alarms and performance events.
Supports the PRBS function in the line direction.
Supports the two-fiber ring MSP, four-fiber ring MSP, linear MSP, SNCP, SNCTP, and SNCMP protechtion schemes.
Supports 1+1 hot backup protection schemes.
Supports inloops and outloops at optical interfaces, the warm reset and cold reset.
Supports the query of the manufacturing information of the board.
Supports the upgrade of the board software without affecting services.
Supports the extraction, insertion, and management of the SSM and clock ID, frequency deviation detection.
Supports transmission of the DCC overhead information at two external clock interfaces.
Processes 40 channels of DCC signals.
Supports the in-service check function for the PIU,failure check function for the lightning protection module of the PIU.
Supports the VC-12/VC-3/VC-4 services.
Q5CXLL4 is a Main Control and Cross-Connect integrated board for Huawei OSN1500, OSN2500, provide STM-4 signals, controls communication, grooms services and clock signals.
CXLL4 have Q5 and QD0 version, respectively part number is 03052381, V1R8, V1R10 version are default mainstream delivery version.
SSQ5CXLL4(L-4.2) SSQ5CXLL4(L-4.2) configure 1 L-4.2 80km SFP module, SSQ5CXLL4(L-4.2) configure 1 L-4.2 80km SFP module, but eSFP module are changeable to different type as S-4.1, L-4.1 to reach different transmission distance, please contact sales team if need customized configuration. can supply , if you want to know more detail and price, pls contact us. mainly sell new or used communications equipment. have strong inventory and powerful suppliers. can provide the lowest price and the best service for you. Welcome telecom construction group , communications equipment trading companies and individuals to collaborate with our company.




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