Huawei MA5800 X15

Huawei MA5800 X15 Huawei MA5800 X15 NG OLT H901BPIB subrack equipped with 2xH901MPLA, 2xH901PILA.Huawei MA5800 X15 NG OLT H901BPIB subrack equipped with 2xH901MPLA, 2xH901PILA

Comes with accessory package. Comes with accessory package

Huawei MA5800 X15 NG OLT MAX 17408 ONTs

Chassis supports 15 Service Slots, 19inch mounting

Supports GPON, 10G PON, smoothly evolve to 40G/100G PON

Supports 4*GE/10GE upstream ports embedded in Main Control Board MPLA/MPLB

Supports 16 port GPON interface card GPHF, GPSF

Supports 8 port 10GPON interface card XGHD, TWED

Support 262144 MAC address, 65536 ARP table

Supports over 8 times MAC address and ARP table more than MA5680T

Supports 1:64 eOTDR

Supports DOCSIS 3.1 standard

Huawei MA5800 X15 Huawei MA5800 X15 is a next generation, Huawei MA5800 X15 is a next generation, 40G capacity Optical line Terminal (OLT), has 15 service slots, each service slot has 200G throughput capacity, smoothly evolve to 40G/100G PON. Support up to 8 times MAC address and ARP table than MA5680T, makes service configuration and expansion more easily.

16 ports GPON service board GPSF, 8 ports 10G PON service board XGHD is recommended service board for MA5800 X15, please contact with sales team your service ports needed.


 MA5800 X15 OLT & ONT Compatibility Test in Our TESTbed

 MA5800 X15 OLT with different versions is compatible with Huawei/ZTE/Nokia/ Fiberhome/our OEM ONTs:

Main Control Board
Version and Patch
Tested Compatible ONTs

MA5800R017C00  SPH205
MA5800R018C00  SPH001
MA5800V100R018C00  SPH102

· All Huawei ONTs (HG8546M, EG8141A5, EG8145V5, HG8245Q2, HN8346V5, EG8247H5, EG8247W5, EG8145X6, HG8245H, HG8321V, EG8120L, HG8310M, HG8321R...)

· ZTE ONTs (F660, F670L, F601, F668, F601C...)

· Nokia ONTs (G-140W-MD, G-140W-ME, G-010G-P...)

· Fiberhome ONTs (AN5506-02-FG, HG6143D, AN5506-01-A...)

· OEM ONTs (TT919G5, TT919G7,  TT969G, F670, F668V, Hi8141A5...)

MA5800V100R018C00  SPH505

MA5800V100R018C00  SPH503

MA5800V100R018C00  SPH313

MA5800V100R018C00  SPH505

MA5800V100R018C00  SPH505

MA5800V100R018C00  SPC605
MA5800V100R019C11  SPH303
MA5800V100R019C11  SPH306


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