TNF1SL4D TNF1SL4D 2-port STM-4 optical interface board.TNF1SL4D 2-port STM-4 optical interface board
Applied to Huawei OSN 1800 II Enhanced, OSN 1800V. Applied to Huawei OSN 1800 II Enhanced, OSN 1800V
Supports outband DCN
Supports two-fiber bidirectional ring MSP
Supports linear MSP, SNCP
Supports SNCTP when working with TNZ5UXCMS
Supports SDH ASON when working with TNZ5UXCMS
Supports 2M ASON when working with TNZ5UXCMS

TNF1SL4D TNF1SL4D is a 2-port STM-4 optical interface board applied to Huawei OSN 1800 II Enhanced, TNF1SL4D is a 2-port STM-4 optical interface board applied to Huawei OSN 1800 II Enhanced, OSN 1800V. The SL4D is a TDM board, which can be used on the OSN equipment to receive and transmit two STM-4 optical signals. The SL4D converts the received optical signals into electrical signals and sends the electrical signals to the cross-connect side. In addition, the SL4D converts the electrical signals sent from the cross-connect side into optical signals and transmits the optical signals. can supply , if you want to know more detail and price, pls contact us. mainly sell new or used communications equipment. have strong inventory and powerful suppliers. can provide the lowest price and the best service for you. Welcome telecom construction group , communications equipment trading companies and individuals to collaborate with our company.











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