10G 10km XFP/FTLX1413M3BCL-HW. FTLX1413M3BCL-HW FNS 10G 1310nm 10km SM XFP.10G 1310nm 10km SM XFP


Huawei compatible XFP-1310-STM64/FC10G/10GbE/OTU2-10km

Bulk packed

Apply to Huawei OSN3500 series EOS board, EAS2; SDH board, STM-64; Packet Processing board, PEX

10G 10km XFP/FTLX1413M3BCL-HW FNS Apply to Huawei OSN8800 series tributary client side board, Apply to Huawei OSN8800 series tributary client side board, typically TDX, TQX; and client port on transponder board, typically LSX, LDX, LTX

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10G 10KM SFP+/LTF1305-BH+    

10G 10KM SFP+/OSXA01001 WHD    

10G 10KM SFP+/OSXA01001 HGN    

10G 1.4KM SFP+/SPP-10E-LR-IDFF-HW    

GE 40KM SFP/OSG040N02    

GE 40KM SFP/OSG040N02 WHD    

GE 40KM SFP/OSG040N02 HXB    

GE 10KM SFP/MXPD-243S-F    

GE 10KM SFP/OSG010001 HGN    

10G 10KM SFP+/FTLX1471D3BCL-HU    

Huawei SDH Amplifier Board     

HuaweiSDH Network SFP