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  Datach Announces Availability Of Four Major New Features For Its Datach Network Analyzer

Just over six months after the launch of Datach, Datach is releasing its second major update with more key new features, as well as the promised AirMapper Site Survey app.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA - April 22, 2020 - Following their engagement at the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference in Phoenix (#wlpc) in February, Datach released version 1.2 of the Datach Portable Network Expert software.

"We continue to develop the all-in-one versatility of Datach at an unprecedented rate, with new Wi-Fi study, network monitoring, media validation and remote collaboration functions," says James Kahkoska, Technical Director of Datach.

AirMapper Site Survey
With AirMapper, Datach users can now quickly and easily collect location-based Wi-Fi metrics and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live Cloud service. Ideal for rapid site surveys for new deployments, validation of changes and rapid performance verification, Datach is the first to provide a comprehensive site survey and analysis solution wired or wirelessly in a portable instrument.

  "The AirMapper site survey functionality adds another extremely useful dimension to the best global network support tool currently available on the market."

Leveraging Datach's custom analysis hardware, AirMapper enables Wi-Fi professionals to easily perform enterprise-level site surveys that include essential performance measures such as signal coverage, noise, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and data rates, all without the need for an external device or complex site survey software.

Badman adds, "Collecting data couldn't be easier, and Link-Live makes it possible to use this wireless signal data from anywhere. It's good that there are no other hardware requirements - the site survey is just one more tool in the impressive inventory of Datach capabilities. "

Validation of cabling and links 1 - 2.5 - 5 -10GE - The increasing adoption of multi-speed technology in the access layer (to provide a larger bandwidth on existing cable installations) responds to a certain concern of users who find that their local cabling systems are not capable of withstanding higher speeds. Many factors can interfere with data transmission, and an insufficient signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) results in unstable links or "downshifts" at lower speeds - a difficult condition to resolve. The Datach link test now measures SNR and delay offset on all four pairs, making diagnosis quick and easy.

Monitoring of intermittent problems
The AutoTest function of Datach, which combines many different diagnostics into a single easily executable test, can now be run in "periodic mode" to take multiple test samples over a period of time. Ideal for studying difficult intermittent problems, the data is automatically downloaded for analysis in the Link-Live Cloud service, with notification of the test results by email.

Simplified remote control
Already supporting VNC, an Datach at a remote site can be used by centralized network experts with direct network access. But when working from home or accessing a unit on a different network behind NAT, direct control of the VNC is not possible. Datach solves this problem with its new web remote control in "Link-Live" mode, which allows engineers to securely access their Datach analyzers from anywhere in the world.

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