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DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)

Transfer up to 96 wavelengths to a pair of glass fibers with DWDM

DWDM multiplexer with up to 96 DWDM wavelengths
DWDM highlights
Up to 96 DWDM wavelengths can be transmitted on one fiber
DWDM channel spacing 0.8 nm (100 GHz grid) or 0.4 nm (50 GHz grid)
DWDM transmission ranges over 1,000 km with optical amplifiers
Optional integration into existing CWDM infrastructures possible through CWDM / DWDM integration
DWDM wavelength ranges from 1528 nm (Channel 61) to 1563 nm (Channel 17)

DWDM process
The functioning of the DWDM is similar to that of the CWDM. In contrast to CWDM, the channel spacing in DWDM systems is 0.4 / 0.8 nm (50/100 GHz grid). This small channel spacing means that much more information can be transmitted in parallel. At the moment we are limited to wavelengths between 1530 nm and 1625 nm, i.e. the range of the C and L bands. The DWDM method is more complex compared to the CWDM method because special transceivers are required here.

Theoretically available DWDM channels in the C and L band depending on the channel spacing

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