You are here : Home >>  Knowledge tests XG-PON technology that offers 4x higher upload speeds and twice as high upload.

The tests, conducted on real fiber customers, have shown with real customers that fiber optic service can be improved and speeds of 1,000Mbps can be achieved, which is certainly good publicity for but a technology that could not only implement such operator and half news.

And it is that the problem of the fiber of continues to be the lack of coverage of the service in most homes. In any case, the existence of XG-PON technology will allow us to offer better connections not only in fiber but in 4G mobile phone services where there is also fiber.

But is there anything better? There always is, and that is that the XG-PON technology is improved by the TWDM-PON (Time Wavelenght Division Multiplexing-PON) that promises even better speeds and, above all, better latency, although it will probably take a few years for users to take advantage of it.

In addition, is not the only one in search of differentiation and in fact MOVISTAR together with Alcatel-Lucent achieved FFTH fiber speeds of up to 10GB / second of course as long as we have said amount of bandwidth available for customer use.

Personally, I believe that we do not need more speed to offer good services, and net neutrality and better latency will be more important for users so that consumers perceive an improvement in their browsing experience and use of the latest streaming TV solutions. or gaming.

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