SSR1EOW Provides the serial interfaces Serial 1–Serial 4..Provides the serial interfaces Serial 1–Serial 4.
Provides one orderwire interface.. Provides one orderwire interface.
Processes the E1, E2, and Serial 1–Serial 4 bytes.
Supports the clock synchronization feature, and complies with the IEEE 1588v2 protocol.
Supports two channels of time input and output, with the external time operating in 1pps+TOD mode.

SSR1EOW SSR1EOW is an orderwire processing board for Huawei OSN1500B, SSR1EOW is an orderwire processing board for Huawei OSN1500B, provides orderwire phone interface to extracts, inserts, and processes the overhead bytes E1 and E2. SSR1EOW part number is 03021SHX, it is not a necessary board of OSN1500B. can supply , if you want to know more detail and price, pls contact us. mainly sell new or used communications equipment. have strong inventory and powerful suppliers. can provide the lowest price and the best service for you. Welcome telecom construction group , communications equipment trading companies and individuals to collaborate with our company.

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