PCM Multiplexers   PDH/SDH/WDM Multiplexer  Interface Converter


PCM Multiplexers

provides 4-360 FXS/FXO channels of telephones over Optic fiber/E1 transmission, with reversed polarity charging function and call ID display function

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PDH/SDH/WDM Multiplexer  
PDH Optical Multiplexer
 SDH Optical Multiplexer
CWDM and DWDM   MUX System

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Interface Converter
RS232/V35/Ethernet over E1
 E1 to Ethernet Converter
 TDM over IP (TDMOIP) 
FXS/FXO over E1
RS232/422/485 to Ethernet

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  Epon/Ip DSLAM Access System Media Converter and poe Switch CCTV Video Multiplexer  

Epon/Ip DSLAM Access System

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Media Converter and poe Switch
100M Ethernet Media Converter
Gigabit Fiber Media Converter
Optic port Ethernet Media Converter
PoE Ethernet Switch

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CCTV Video Multiplexer
AHD/CVI Optic Multiplexer
TVI/CVI/AHD Optic Multiplexer
 Multi-function video Multiplexer
CCTV Vedio Multiplexer

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  High definition Converter Optical Component    
DVI optical fiber media converter

High definition Converter
VGA Vedeo Optic Converter
 DVI Vedeo Optic Converter
 HDMI Vedeo Optic Converter
HD-SDI Vedeo Optic Converter 

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Optical Component
SFP Fiber Optical Modules
 10G XFP SFP+ Fiber Optical module
 1x9 transceiver
Passive Components 

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