Huawei OptiX OSN7500

Huawei OptiX OSN7500 Includes OSN 7500 Subrack, 2 PCS Power Cable, 1 PCS Earth Cable, 2 PCS Mount Ear, accessory Package.Includes OSN 7500 Subrack, 2 PCS Power Cable, 1 PCS Earth Cable, 2 PCS Mount Ear, accessory Package
Supports Mesh networking, network nodes plug and play. Supports Mesh networking, network nodes plug and play
Supports dynamic increase of rate and capacity
Supports chain, ring, tangent rings, intersecting rings, etc networking topologies
Supports maximum 7 STM-64 four-fiber MSP rings, 14 STM-64 two-fiber MSP rings, 28 STM-16 four-fiber MSP rings,
Supports 56 STM-16 two-fiber MSP rings
Supports Mesh Protection and Restoration(ASON)
Supports 5-level service dedicated protection scheme: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron services
Supports 2/4 fiber MSP Ring; 1+1, 1: n (n<=14) Linear MSP; SNCP/SNCMP/SNCTP
Suppots fiber shared virtual path protection; Fiber shared MSP Ring; DNI (ITU-T G.842)
Supports RPR, RSTP Ethernet Service Protection and VP-RING/VC-RING ATM Service Protection.
Supports 1+1 hot backup for system control boards, cross-connect and synchronous timing boards
Supports 1+1 hot backup for power supply modules
Supports Redundancy protection for fan modules
Supports 1:n (n<=4) tributary protection for E1/T1/E3/T3/ E4/STM-1(e)/FE
Supports Intelligent ASON based Mesh network can against multi-node failures, improving network reliability by 10 times
Supports Single-span transmission for a distance of 270km without Raman amplifier.
Supports Specified 2M optical interface to support direct connection between MSTP equipment and relay protection device.
Supports Single-fiber bidirectional optical module to solve lack of fiber resource, built-in WDM to meet large bandwidth requirement.
Huawei OSN7500 is a STM-64 level MSTP, It have 22 service slots and can MAX support 28xSTM-64 interface.
OSN7500 empty subrack SSNESUBRACK default equipped with 2 SSN1PIU (Power Interface Unit), 1 SSN1AUX (System Auxiliary Interface Board), 2 PCS power cable, 1 PCS earth cable, 1 accessory package. Others system board and service board are configurable.
Huawei OptiX OSN7500 also offers typical configuration bundle line, also offers typical configuration bundle line, to meet your different requirement on various scenarios. In addition, with our professional technical support to rich your experience. Besides OSN 7500, also provide smaller capacity OSN 3500, if your service requirement is STM16 level, can provide OSN 1500, OSN 2500. can supply , if you want to know more detail and price, pls contact us. mainly sell new or used communications equipment. have strong inventory and powerful suppliers. can provide the lowest price and the best service for you. Welcome telecom construction group , communications equipment trading companies and individuals to collaborate with our company.






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