Industrial Grade EPON FTTB ONU

this series adopt industrial grade design, with optional specifications, suitable for occasions such as outdoor hanging rod, wall hanging and cabinet, etc. there are FE data type industrial grade ONU can be selected.
* GE data type and industrial grade EPON ONU series;
* Operating temperature between -40℃~85℃ and anti-lightning M3-0400GF;
* ONU-0400GF: cast aluminum casing, dust and water proof;
* ONU-0400GI: customized for outdoor data box laying;
* ONU-0400GQ: modular design, precise size and convenient for integration. .


* Conform to IEEE802.3ah-2008 and technical requirements for EPON device of China Telecom V2.1;
* Full industrial grade components, industrial grade switching chips, industrial grade PON optical modules,
stable and reliable;
* Power supply has 6KV lightning protection, port has 4KV lightning protection;
* Adopt high-quality cast aluminum casing, anti-dust, anti-water and rainstorm proof;
* Support dynamic bandwidth assignment (DBA);
* Support layer-two switch, uplink and downlink wire-speed forwarding;
* Support standard 802.1Q VLAN and VLAN translation;
* Support 4094 VLAN (802.1Q) units;
* Support 8K MAC address table;
* Support frame filtering and suppression;
* Support QoS, including traffic classification, priority marking, queuing and scheduling, traffic shaping and
traffic policing, etc.
* Support PPPoE+ and DHCP Option82;
* Support IGMP snooping and CTC controllable multicast;
* Support dying-gasp (power failure) alarm;
* Support Ethernet port speed restriction, loop test and layer-2 isolation.





Industrial Grade EPON FTTB ONU
 :1 PON Ports 4 Ethernet port


Industrial Grade EPON FTTB ONU

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