XPon Repeater, Gpon/Epon Amplifier

 XPon REPEATER are used in GPON/EPON networks to extend distance up to 45km. These devices are used to amplify optical signals between OLT and ONU in ODN link, to extend transmission distance and increase optical ratio.
It adapt the OEO (Optical Electrical Optical) regeneration technology to recognize 3R (Regeneration, Reshaping, Re-timing), amplify GPON line optical ratio, extend transmission distance, and increase the splitter ratio. These devices are small and exquisite, are easy to install, and can be widely applied in GPON/EPON system markets such as, broadcast network, carrier network, electricity and traffic network, enterprise network and more.
 Amplifying optical power of GPON/EPON lines and transmitting services transparently
(Regeneration, reshaping and retiming) 3R amplification with extracted clock signals.
Expanding coverage and prolonginging transmission distance to 80 km
Flexible networking by cascading multiple devices in serial or parallel mode.
Saving OLTs, prolonging networking distance, and increasing optical splitting ratio.
Easy installations, maintenance, plug and play.
Cut cost to enhance the investment returns..




In accord with IEEE802.3ah and Chinese communication industrial standard (YD/T 1475-2006);
Extend PON system transmission distance from 20km to 60km or even 80km;
Uplink: supports combination of different types of PON OLT interfaces and different physical connectors;
Downlink: supports different types of PON ONU interfaces (shunt or ONU interface).
Be compatible with EPON system;
Be compatible with EPON OLT and ONU equipment manufactured by different vendors;
1U desktop equipment, small space occupation and low power consumption;
Support kinds network management modes, local management on terminal console; Telnet-based remote logon network management, Web-based and SNMP-based direct GUI management.
Supporting EPON OEO relay function
3R signal regeneration
Supporting 1550nm and 1620nm dual wavelength storage with externally connected passive equipment

GPON/EPON OEO transmission performance
Uplink: supporting receipt and transmission of 2.488G/s or 1.25G/scontinuous signals.
Downlink: supporting receipt and transmission of 1.25G/sburst-mode signals.
Supporting 60km/1:64 ODN network expansion
Where, OLT--->OEO BOX trunk supports 40km transmission;
OEO BOX--->ONU supports 20km/1:64 ODN power budget. Refer to the below figure for details:
Properties of EPON OEO’s physical layer
OEO Properties of ONU/OLT optical interface’s physical layer
–Receiving sensitivity of OLT optical interface <= -28dBm
–Optical power of ONU optical interface <= +1dBm
–Receiving sensitivity of ONU optical interface <= -28dBm
–Optical power of OLT optical interface >= +0.5dBm
–Burst-mode signal time <= 50ns
–Fast AGC attenuation >= 10dB
Applying SFF or SFP optical interface module, connected as shown in the above figure.
In EPON system, it will not generate any error code to the system and have no adverse effects on transmission or performance.

1) Be compatible with EPON system;
2) Be compatible with EPON OLT and ONU equipment manufactured by different vendors;
3) Be capable of adapting to 1550nm analog video and 1620nm OTDR dual wavelength storage

Power supply
Power supplied by Rack chasiss
Power supply : 12VDC
Power Consumption: <=5 Watts

Environment condition
Operating temperature: -20C~+70 C
Storage temperature: -40 C~+80 C










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