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  1550nm External  Modulation Optical Transmitter

1550nm CATV FTTH External Optical Transmitter
A fiber optic transmitter is a device which includes a laser source and signal conditioning electronics that is used to inject a signal into fiber.
CATV FTTH optical transmitter 1550nm use external modulated DFB technology for transmitter of optic signal at 1550nm wavelength.
A high quantity hybrid amplifier module with built-in AGC is incorporated providing a stable RF signal with excellent C/N.
Information is sent from a source to a transmitter by means of an electrical RF signal.
The transmitter then takes that binary data and transfers it to a light signal.
Our optic transmitters incorporate an auto control for later power&bias current to ensure stable optic output power and longer life of laser module.
Perfect for RF Overlay applications for distances above 30 km without amplification, thanks to the external modulation technology.

CATV FTTH optical transmitter 1550nm features
1) With two kinds of Optical Port in front panel and Optical port In Back Panel,19”1U Rack, advanced Aluminum Shell.
144*32-point LCD display on the front panel, which can accurately display all working parameters and fault information of the equipment.
2) External modulation technology has no ripple effect, very low dispersion distortion, and has good characteristics in the band.Working Bandwidth:47~862 MHz( customized 1000 MHz).
3) International famous DFB laser,with narrow spectral line,good linearity and high power output.
4) Using 32-bit high-performance ARM processor, together with a complete automatic monitoring system circuit, ensure a stable optical output power and ensure that the laser is in the best working environment.
, and extend the service life of the laser.
5) Advanced Multi-frequency Pre-distoration technology, RF GaAs component and complete SMT structure can improve the important, data of CTB .And CSO of CATV system , perfect C/N data and at the same time, lower heating power and power consumption.
6) Stable temperature Circuit (ATC) and Optical output power circuit( APC)can make sure best working status of laser.
7) Working status indicator in front panel and RF testing port in back panel.
8) RF digital signal predistortion system can precisely match the predistortion amount according to the signal strength and modulation amplitude to ensure the signal quality.
9) Reliable heat dissipation design can arrive high stability and working life.






Laser model



Light wavelength



 If the deviation from the wavelength before ordering to specify

Light modulation



 Light output power



  Specifications have details

SBS threshold



  13,16,18 optional

Optical connector form


  2FC/APC,SC/APC optional

   Please specify before ordering

Frequency Range


Carrier to noise ratio



According to GY / T143-2000




 According to GY / T143-2000 6.2.4

RF input signal level



  AGC automatic control

Carrier combination third-order beat ratio (C / CTB)



  According to GY / T143-2000 6.2.5

Carrier combination second-order beat ratio (C / CSO)



 According to GY / T143-2000 6.2.6

RF input impedance


RF input reflection loss



According to GB / T11381.1

powered by


90~265 Electricity

Operating temperature



 Optional -48VDC

Laser line width  MHz 0.3  
RF connector form   Metric F head  
Test port accuracy  dB 20±1  
Storage temperature -20~85  
 Size  ″ 19″×11″×1.75″  (W)x(D)x(H)
Network management interface   RJ45  Support for browsers and SNMP

1) 59 PAL-D analog TV channel signals are arranged in the 550 MHz frequency range under the specified link loss conditions, the digital modulation signal is transmitted in the frequency range of 550 MHz to 750 (862) MHz, the level of the digital modulation signal 8MHz bandwidth) than the analog signal carrier level is 10dB lower, the optical receiver input light rate of 0dBm, the measurement carrier combination
Third-order beat ratio (C / CTB), carrier combination second-order beat ratio (C / CSO) and carrier to noise ratio (C / N).

2) fiber 50KM + EDFA.







  1550nm External Optical Transmitter

1550nm External Optical Transmitter

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