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   high power EDFA CATV Optical Amplifier

 Optical amplifier is an significant device deployed for optical communication and laser physics. No need for converting optical signals into electrical signals first, optical amplifier can directly amplify the optical signals. It is considered to be a laser without optical cavity or with suppressed feedback from cavity. Optical amplifiers are often installed at places where optical signals are weak and need to be enhanced. This ensures the stable transmission of optical signals in the rest cables.

1. Application
Single-mode fiber 1550 amplification network
FTTH network
CATV network

Standard 19 inch 2U Rack YEDFA,Adopts Er Yb Codopeddouble-clad fiber technology;
Output port :8-64 ports optional
Output powers rang from 28~40dBm optional
Output power adjustable -3~0dB
Wide input dynamic range(-5 to +10dBm)
High Isolated input & output(30dB for max)
Low power consumption
Front Panel Key Switch for pump on/off control
FWDM optional
Automatic Power Control (APC) or Automatic Current Control (ACC)
VFD Panel Status Indicator for local monitor
Remote management via SNMP (Ethernet Interface)




erating wavelength λc 1540 1550 1565 nm
Saturated Po 13 ------ 33 dBm
Input Power Pi -3 ------ 10 dBm
Gain G ------ ------ 30 dB
Noise Figure Note2 NF ------ ------ 6 dB
Output Power Stability ΔPo ------ ±0.05 ±0.2 dB
Input Isolator ISOi 30 ------


Output Isolator ISOo 30 ------ ------ dB
Input Pump Leakage PLi ------ ------ -35 dBm
Output Pump Leakage PLo ------ ------ -45 dBm
Return Loss RL ------ ------ -45 dB
Polarization Dependent Gain PDG ------ ------ 0.3 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion PMD ------ ------ 0.5 ps








  high power EDFA CATV Optical Amplifier

high power EDFA CATV Optical Amplifier

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