4 Ch SDI optical fiber media converter

SDI SD/HD Video Digital Optical Converter could transmit high quality and non-distortion video signal via one single fiber in long distance. SL series SDI Converter is featured by high stability and clear quality, with LED status indicator, it is visually observed to working status of the device, at the same time, the switch value,voltage,working status and other signal can be mornitored by data RS485.




* Uncompressed 8 bit video digital sampling, High-speed synchronous digital transmission technology
* Modular structure design(audio card and data card for optional configuration)
* Super optical dynamic range, no adjustment needed
* Status indication for power supply, optical signal and video
* No electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference and ground current
* Safe transmission guaranteed under poor electromagnetic environmen
* BNC video connector
*FC optical connector
*Video DC recovery
* Maximum tolerable link loss for single mode single fiber is 18db


Technical indicators

Video characteristic
Video channel: 4 channel
Video input/output impedance: BNC75Ω unbalanced interface
Video input/output voltage: Typical peak-peak value 1Vp-p
Video bandwidth: 6.5MHz
Video digital bit width: 8 bit
Differential gain: <1.3% (typical value)
Differential phase: <1.3°(typical value)
SNR: >63dB

Data interface
Number of data channels: 1 channel
Physical interface: The industry standard connecting terminal
RS232 rate: DC-115.2Kbps
RS422/485 rate: DC-115.2Kbps
RS485 distance: 0-1200m
Physical protocol: Transparent support of RS232/485/422/Manchester/Biphase protocol

Optical interface
Physical interface: FC/PC
Fiber type: single-mode fiber, single fiber
Transmission distance: single mode 20Km

Power supply
Input voltage: AC220/DC+5V

Electromagnetic compatibility
Radiation: EN50081-1, EN55022-B, CE, FCC
Magnetic capacity: EN50130-4, EN50028-1

Physical characteristic
Operating temperature: -25°C ~ +75°C
Humidity: 0~95% (no condensation)
Induction: EN50130-5, 1995
Tidal fever: BS2011
Dimension: 174×110×47mm (BNC head and installation edge not included)








HY-SDI-4 4-ch HD-SDI with embedded audio, Support SMPTE 424M,SMPTE 292M,SMPTE 344M,SMPTE259M standard SM/MM
4 Ch SDI optical fiber media converter Datasheet.